Every brand has a story behind it – whether that is one that leaves customers feeling informed and educated, or one that sparks joy and delight. I’m passionate about architecture and industrial design, and not only defining and articulating that story, but also developing and implementing integrated marketing plans which companies can utilize to tell that story and maximize their reach.

We’re living in an exhilarating time where you can reach millions of people through so many different channels. That being said, to build a brand, you need to identify the right audience and craft the right story.

My passion for communication drew me to public relations and marketing, where I have worked with clients across a range of industries, including retail, education and technology. Until recently, I was a marketing specialist for Resume Worded, the education technology company that is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence in the EdTech and recruitment space. In this role, I had the opportunity to create multiple integrated marketing campaigns across social, email, PPC and content. . Some of my previous experiences includes being on the marketing team for BigNameCo and developing their launch strategy for ABC product.